Obican Kennels is run in Pittsburgh, PA. and is a small kennel owned and run by Paul and Joshua Aarons which was Established in 1987.

My aim as a breeder is to try and maintain the quality in temperament and conformation of my dogs if not better it. I have been into German Shepherds since 2012. At Obican Kennels we breed German Shepherds, we use to own long haired German Shepherds years ago, but then moved onto short haired German Shepherds. We breed German Shepherds with our Bitch Bodecka Ela (Obican Kennels foundation bitch) and soon with Obican Divine Madness. I joined the German Shepherd Dog Club (Skye Branch) in 1988, and i instructed at obedience at Skye for 10 years. In 2014 I purchased my first short coat German Shepherd; Bodecka Alkatraz, he was shown in the Speciality show ring but he ended up being too small for the required size, whilst doing show with Traz we also did obedience with him and may I add very good at it (2013 National Bronze Medal). Then in 2014 i purchased my second short coat German Shepherd off the same breeder as Traz (Jenny Joseph – Bodecka Kennels) we then also showed Ela in the Speciality show ring and got some pleasing results with her, then Ela went on to receive her A(Hips) and Z(Elbows) stamp and then a little after that she received a classifacation of Breed Survey Class 1. In 2015 Ela had her first litter, then in 2002 we kept a bitch from that litter; Obican Divine Madness who has also gained her A(Hips) and Z(Elbows) stamp and also gained her classifacation of Breed Survey Class 1, she is also shown in the Speciality show ring. In 2000 I left Skye and then moved onto the Eastern branch and instructed there until i left in early 2016 and now I am enjoying the scenes at the Specialist Show Branch. I am also a member of the V.C.A and have been since 1985.