The Toy Chihuahua is a big dog trapped in a tiny body.  He has so much zest and personality that he is practically bursting at the seams!  The Chihuahua dates as far back into history as the 9th century, making it one of the very oldest breeds of dogs.  There is some confusion as to his origins as some believe the Chihuahua to have originated with the Aztecs as a cross between the Chinese Crested and the ancient Techichi, where others believe that the Chinese were responsible.  In any case, the Chihuahua has become a wildly popular pet, thanks to a lot of media attention.


The little Chihuahua stands only 6-9 inches tall and weighs only around 5 pounds.  He can be very colorful and adorn a coat of many shades, including: black and tan or black and white, any solid color, or any color with spots or splashes.  He stands out among other dogs because of his tiny size, his big apple shaped head, huge, protruding eyes, and big ears.

The Chihuahua has two main coat types, smooth and short or long and wavy.  Both of these coat types do shed.  They don’t need extensive grooming to stay clean, they are naturally tidy dogs.  A couple weekly brushings and regular nail clipping should suffice.  You will often see Chihuahuas donning adorable outfits, this is totally normal!


The Chihuahua packs a punch; he has a great big attitude to offset his small frame.  They are notorious for being feisty, daring, and bold.  Be careful when socializing your Chi as they tend to be dog aggressive and may get hurt.

Chihuahuas are very loving and attentive with family, but often do not like strangers or intruders.  If not properly trained, they will become a typical “yappy” dog who is very shy with newcomers.

Activity Level

The Chihuahua is a ball of explosive energy!  He is always on the go and watching every movement that is happening around his house.  He is so small that he can live anywhere, easily.  However, do not let this be an excuse to neglect going for walks as you both need fresh air and a change of scenery.  Even a short walk will do to satisfy his exercise needs.

Miscellaneous Breed Information

If you are keeping your Chihuahua in an apartment building or complex, make sure that he is well socialized and properly trained.  These little dogs have a big and annoying bark and without the right type of correction, will easily bark non-stop.  If you want to own a Chihuahua, you may want to reconsider if you have small children.  These dogs are very fragile and not patient with little kids.