health benefits of owning a dog

The Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Dog owners may be able to spout off a handful of reasons why they love their dog, but now there’s research that proves the health benefits of owning a dog. If your child is asking for a dog, and you’re on the fence, check out these health benefits. Then you can go out and buy that puppy! (Where was this list when I was 12?)

Heart Health

Turns out dogs are good for your heart. Dog owners have been shown to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Some male dog-owners even recovered quicker from heart attacks than non-dog owners. Why? Dogs keep owners active with walks and play time, leading to healthier bodies.

Anxiety and Depression

Having a dog can help people with anxiety and/or depression (they usually go hand-in-hand) cope with negative emotions. They provide a distraction from daily worries; just being around a dog can boost feel good hormones in humans! Next time you’re feeling down, play with a dog.


Feeling lonely? Caring for another living thing, like a dog, is great for self-esteem. Pets are uncomplicated and love unconditionally. Even having something to talk to at home when you’re alone is therapeutic. I dare you to not talk like a baby to a newborn puppy!

Dogs are also very social. Every time I go on a walk my dog makes friends with passersby. I’ve started to notice people in my neighborhood and made friends with them because of Bruce.


Someone who has been in an accident and can’t function fully may benefit from a dog’s assistance. They can help them perform daily activities, reducing the need for dependence on others.

Overall Physical Health

If you have sedentary children, get them a dog! People with dogs are more active. Adults with dogs walk twice as much as other adults, shrinking waistlines and boosting immune systems. In fact, people with dogs don’t go to the doctor as much. And children who grow up in dog households have stronger immune systems earlier in life than those who don’t have dogs. And these are just a few of the major health benefits of owning a dog.